Davenport Project

This project will always hold a special place in my heart. Our client is a mama I look up to in so many ways, and is easily one of the strongest individuals I have ever met. She came to us after the loss of her husband, with a vision for a house she had purchased for herself and her two kiddos.

Photos of the house “BEFORE”

To say I was honored was an understatement. Working together with my husband, we created a space specifically for them. She knew she wanted a bit of farmhouse, some industrial, but most of all just a space where her and her littles could thrive.


The challenge lit a spark within me.

I think we can all relate to this challenge. I know I talk about it often, but it’s because I really do believe it to be true. Design, to me, is so much more than material things. When I look at flooring, my first thought is “how easy will this be to keep clean?” with the next being “will this show scratches from toy tires or puppy’s paws?”. When I’m picking out countertops they need to be able take the abuse of daily use, not show every little crumb, but most importantly go with the overall vision my client is trying to achieve. What good is a pretty house if your family isn’t able to LIVE there? Why do we try to fill our house with the nicest of material things, only to find it feels cluttered, unorganized, and chaotic?

One of the reasons why I absolutely love what I do is because I get to help people create their homes. A reflection of their heart, a place where they come alive, can be inspired, and enjoy time with loved ones. Sometimes all it takes is a commitment and a little push to get started.

This mama was ready to start fresh and that is exactly what we did. We opened up her main space, switched out the flooring to accommodate her littles and their pup, eliminated a wall allowing for double sinks in her master bathroom, created a mudroom nook, and gave the whole house a nice new fresh coat of paint. I presented her with options, and she chose accordingly. We did all of this while staying within budget, and meeting the deadline of her son’s birthday. When it came time for them to move in, there were so many tears (mostly from me). She was so amazing to work with, and the fact that she asked us to help create her vision, well again- there is no other word but honored. I will forever be grateful she chose us to assist in the beginning of their new chapter.

What about you? You don’t need a new home to start fresh. Today is the best day to make your home the absolute best it can be for yourself and for your family. Clean out your cabinets, change up a rug, paint a wall or heck a room. Get rid of the clutter and begin YOUR OWN new chapter. A chapter where you and your family thrive inside the walls of your home, instead of just survive. And if you need any help, give me a call!

Photo credit: The amazing Lindsay Mader Photography


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