Fall In Love With Your Home

Fall has been my favorite season for as long as I can remember. Even as a child, although Fall meant back to school, it also meant cooler days (I hate being hot, always have), football games, and pumpkin patches. Now that I’m grown, it’s still my favorite time of year, and you will see it showcased throughout our home. It is so extremely easy to add warmth to your home with all of the fun textures and colors this season brings. Rather than going all out, I prefer to add small touches throughout our home. I keep it simple, and use warm God-given Fall colors which pop against our neutral walls. 

But, maybe Fall isn’t your favorite season. Maybe for you, this season is chaotic and has you missing the simplicity of summer. With the craziness that comes with back to school, sports, and new schedules, it’s quite possible this season has you stressed out. I’m not sure, however, I am sure of one thing. Your home is a special place, and you can use this change of season to revamp not only your home, but your heart. Take this opportunity to create a space for your family which will help them thrive. A major way you can do this is by making sure you’ve created a space which helps you thrive. When I am at peace and content within our home, I see that peace and contentment trickle down to my husband and our boys. This is our homebase, sacred space, where we will spend a majority of our time in the upcoming winter months. I want my family to love it here. To be able to come home, drop it all, escape, and relax. Isn’t that every mama’s wish for her home?

But, if my house is a cluttered mess, it stresses me out. It usually starts with the island, a collect all for dirty dishes, coffee cups, crumbs, toys, anything really. Our island is one of the focal points in our home, and if it starts to get crazy, you can bet the rest of the house is sure to follow. This last week, I made an intentional effort to clear it off once the boys were in bed. Dishes put in the dishwasher, papers sorted down in the office, and the countertops wiped off. Our mornings just start so much better with a clean island, and we all know how important mornings are when it comes to setting the tone for the rest of your day.

Whether you are decluttering, renovating, or re-decorating during this change of season, let the intention behind your design be your own. Only you know what’s best for your family, and your home. Maybe it’s finding a new rug to bring a pop of color and some warmth to your space, or placing baskets or cabinets in an area which always seems to be collecting clutter. Rearrange some furniture, or add a few pumpkins with greenery to the porch or fireplace mantel. This Fall set a household goal, conquer it, and find that contentment. Fall in love with your home.


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