Holiday Home Tour

Oh my goodness! I cannot express in words how incredibly supportive you all have been with the beginning of this new venture. Such amazing feedback has left my heart so full, I truly cannot say thank you enough. New clients and new opportunities has kept this mama busy, which has left me with very little time to blog.

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Did you sing while you read that last sentence? Ya, me too! Welcome to my very first Holiday Home Tour! This time of year gets me giddy with the chance to decorate using warm greens and add bright red to our normally neutral home. This is our first Christmas in this house. A new place meant finding new spaces to put holiday décor, including our nine foot Christmas tree.

Our old home had the perfect picture window to showcase such a tall, beautiful tree. This house doesn’t have such a window, so I was unsure it would fit in our much smaller living room. My husband assured me it would, and what do you know, he was right! It fits perfectly! As for the rest of the holiday decorations, I would compare it to a fun little guessing game. To be honest with you, I sometimes forget what I have until I pop open the totes which have been stashed away for a year. I can’t be the only person this happens to, right?

Adding real greenery throughout our main space not only made the house smell amazing, (remember I live with three boys so I need all the help I can get with the smells), but it also brought a sense of softness and comfort, mellowing out the bright reds.

I skipped the realness on our fireplace mantel, though. When we built this house, my husband insisted on a real wood burning fireplace. Although I was hesitant at first, I must say on a cold Nebraska night, hearing the wood crackle brings all the cozy feels into our living room.

I draped some cedar garland over our stair rail, filled these cute copper wall pockets with it, and also incorporated it as the centerpiece for our dining room table. Cedar garland is easy to work with, and dries just as beautiful. Mix it up with some additional greens to add texture and depth.

One of the main “rules” I like to use when decorating for any holiday is keeping the main colors already in your home as your base. No matter what the “pop” of color is for the season, decorate around the items you already have. This creates a nice mix, rather than overload of holiday items.

Christmas is the perfect occasion to bring out those dishes which sit on display for a majority of the year. Wow, I just realized how incredibly old I sound wanting to showcase dishes, but the older I get the more value I place on family heirlooms. These dishes were passed down to me from my grandma. They’re timeless, beautiful, and will be treasured for years to come.

When I started this blog I mentioned this was a honest place, right? So lets be real for a minute. My table doesn’t always look like this. In fact, it almost never looks like this. (Again, three boys) Most days my table and island are covered with play dough, paint, and crumbs left behind from snack time. And although a clean, beautifully decorated, festive table makes me happy, it doesn’t make me as happy as a messy one. A messy table means my boys are learning, growing, and being fed. A messy table means I’m succeeding at my highest calling, being a wife and mother to my favorite boys, and that my friends, is what a table is for. To gather around as a family and share not only a meal, but love.

When decorating for the holidays, we must embrace the season of life we are in. If you are an empty nester, don’t hold on to items from the past hindering you from moving forward. Clear the clutter my friend, I promise you will feel like a new person. If you have littles running around, don’t overstuff your home with breakable décor. You will be stressed, they will be stressed, its stressful okay? Let your home be a place where your children, grown or little, thrive. Let them make messes. Let them be inspired. Let them come home to comfort. Let them feel loved.

Because love is what this holiday is all about. The greatest love there ever was and ever will be. His love. Sent down from Heaven as a baby, born to save you and me. Let’s not get caught up in the unnecessary. Let’s use love as the base this holiday season. Decorate using your heart. Embrace the season you are in. Fill your spaces with people not things, and make sure your décor accommodates accordingly. Be intentional. Use items passed down for generations or brand new, just make sure they’re purposeful and bring your home joy. Simple, meaningful, beautiful holiday homes.

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I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas!

With love-

Thank you to Lindsay Mader for capturing these beautiful photos



  1. Lana December 18, 2017 at 8:26 am - Reply

    So much LOVE woven into your life! You have an amazing gift Katelin (and Nate)!

  2. Teresa Webben December 18, 2017 at 1:54 pm - Reply

    Looks great! Magazine material!

  3. Kacey Koch December 18, 2017 at 11:18 pm - Reply

    such a sweet, sincere blog friend! Not to mention beautiful home and pictures!

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